Magical Memories for Special Kids
Calgary Time until the next Disney trip


Flight Day



What you should know if you are dropping someone off or you are traveling on the Calgary Dreams flight:


All of the children going on the Disney trip must attend the Orientation meeting on October 20, 2018 @ 9:30AM at the Archie Boyce Arena. At the meeting the children and their parents will meet their Team Captain and other children going on the trip. You will see a presentation about how your day will go, what to bring, and what to expect! The Orientation is a good chance to ask questions, but if you have questions in advance you can also ask your contact person.

The children will be measured for the clothing they will be receiving on the trip: Jersey, shorts, sweat pants, sweat top, Crocs & a Cowboy Hat.

NOTE: The shorts and the cowboy hat they will get to take home with them. On the day of the trip the children are expected to wear the shorts that we give them. Leave the cowboy hat at home. We will be giving them a ball cap for the trip.



If you take medication, please check with Dr. Cooper about how much to bring.

All adults must have a passport.

All children should be dressed for the expected warm weather in Anaheim – the black shorts provided at the orientation meeting (and suitable footware). The Team Captain will provide jerseys & ball caps, water bottles, and sunscreen. Please do not bring anything else.

All adults should be dressed in their jersey and capris, pants or shorts; preferably black, red or white.

On the return trip each child will be provided Dreams Take Flight sweat pants and a hoodie.


beesley-mickey-hands-300x215It is important that your child is at the airport on time (November 14th, 04:30AM) because there are many things that have to be done before we leave for California.

If you are accompanying a child on the flight or dropping a child off at the airport, please park in levels 2-7 in the P2 Parking structure. Organizers will have Parking exit vouchers that you will be given to pay for your time parked at the airport.

The Ramada Plaza Airport hotel offers a shuttle service to the airport.


Upon arrival at the Calgary (YYC) airport, please check-in at the children’s check-in station. We are meeting on level 2 behind the Air Canada Domestic check-in counter. There is a Starbucks right there.

NOTE: The children will be dropped off in the Meeting Area and picked up there at the end of the day.

If you have medication please proceed to the Medical Desk. The medical team will be there to check the medication and ensure that the procedures for use of the drugs are clearly understood by the medical team.

Proceed to your Disney Team Name where you will meet your Team Captain and the other children in your group.


disney-castleChildren will be in Teams (groups of 6 children) with a Team Captain, Co-Captain and additional chaperones. Each Team will go through the Magic Kingdom at their own pace. Food, drinks and lots of water will be provided. Each child will have a spending allowance provided by Dreams Take Flight. Please DO NOT send money with your child. They will not be permitted to spend it.

Your Team will stay together at all times during the day. You will have enough time to go on many rides and get character autographs. Think ahead about what your most favourite things to do at Disneyland will be – as your Team Captain will want to know – and therefore plan a day for all to enjoy.

If you want to watch the parade your Team will meet on Main Street. The parade begins at 3:30PM. Shopping will follow until 6:00PM, when the teams will then depart Disneyland.


For confirmation of flight arrival time parents can call Air Canada reservations at 1.888.247.2262 at any time.

Flight Numbers: AC7003 (departure to LA) AND AC7004 (arrival from LA).

When the Teams get back into the terminal meeting area where their families are waiting for them, they are each given a Bentley backpack filled with memorabilia to help remind them of their trip.

Team Captains will say goodbye to their group of children ensuring all children meet up with their parents / caregivers. Children will not be handed over unless we have proper documentation as to who will be picking up the child.

All will have incredible memories that indeed will last a lifetime!


Dreams Take Flight will mail each child a memory book of pictures captured throughout the day. Make sure we have your correct mailing address! If you move please complete the enclosed Notice of Change form & mail it to us at or call the Dreams Take Flight office 403.221.2607 and leave a forwarding address for us to mail your child’s memory book. Every year we have some returned to us with no forwarding address.


4:30 AM Check-in of children, volunteers and media on the flight at Calgary International Airport. We meet at International Arrivals, outside of Canada Customs on the Arrivals Level. Parents and caregivers will meet. Dress children in their jerseys and ball caps.
5:00 AM Teams with all children present will start to go through US Customs & Immigration (Homeland Security) and pre-board screening as a Team, then board the flight. The entire Team must clear US customs and pre-board screening together. Adults and children must sit in their assigned seats.
6:00 AM Flight departure, once all of the children, volunteers, media & special guests are on board and seated the plane departs.
8:15 AM Arrive at LAX.Media deplane first. Teams deplane together from the forward and aft doors. Teams will be met by the LA volunteers and everyone, including the flight crew, set up for the entire group picture outside the plane.
8:45 AM Teams board buses and leave for Disneyland. Teams must remember the bus number they boarded – it will be the same bus number for the return trip. Do not leave anything on the bus. All team members apply sunscreen.
10:00 AM Arrive at Disneyland Gate.Entrance tickets are distributed and teams pick up one wheelchair when they enter the gate. Teams are off for their first ride! Each team has a designated “start” ride in order to avoid undue congestion.Each team will take time for lunch at the restaurant of their choice.
DTF photographers will be in the park. Each Team will have a Team sign that must be seen in each photograph. Photos of individuals will be handed out during the flight home.
DTF Videographer will be roaming the park capturing special moments.
Every team must go to Mickey’s House for individual team pictures.
3:15 PM Teams interested in seeing the parade will prepare to make their way to Main Street.
3:30 PM Disney Parade on Main Street.
5:15 PM Time for the children to shop.Each child receives a Disney gift card for their spending allowance. Do not buy restricted items. eg. toy guns, helium / metallic balloons, swords. Canada Customs does not permit the volunteers to bring back items purchased. NOTE: MM ears and a stuffed MM toy will be delivered to each child on the flight home.
6:00 PM Each Team meets on Main Street (near the large pumpkin) to begin departures from Disneyland.Group assembly and head count on Main Street. Wheelchairs returned to Customer Service. Teams re-board on the bus number that they originally came in. The children and given sweat pants and a hoodie to wear home over their clothing. Pizzas and juice boxes delivered to the buses for everyone to snack on during the bus trip back.
6:30 PM Buses leave Disneyland.
7:45 PM Buses arrive at LAX.LA volunteers say good-bye to the children on the tarmac. The children, media and volunteers that came down on the plane re-board. Everyone sits in the same assigned seat they had on the previous flight. Children’s treasures are stowed away and everyone is buckled into their seats.
8:30 PM Flight departure for Calgary. Dinner is served on the flight home.
12:15 AM Arrival in Calgary.When the teams get back into the terminal meeting area where their families are waiting for them, they are each given a Bentley backpack filled with memorabilia to help remind them of their trip.