Magical Memories for Special Kids
Calgary Time until the next Disney trip


Master magician & illusionist Derek Selinger presents DTF Calgary with a cheque!

“The Gift” performance by Master Magician & Illusionist Derek Selinger and his wife/assistant Cora on March 10 was thoroughly enjoyed by all that attended.

The evening also proved to be a financial success for Dreams Take Flight Calgary.

Derek & Cora presented the charity with a cheque for $21,101 at the DTF AGM on Monday April 3, representing the entire profits from the show! That equates to 15 children attending Disneyland!

DTF Calgary is very fortunate to have Derek’s support. Not only does he support the charity financially, but for 5 years he has accompanied the Dream Team children on the trip to Disneyland as our videographer. Derek then creates a magical video each year that we have the pleasure to share with our volunteers/members, our sponsors and our public.