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Day of Flight
Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018

2018 will be Dreams Take Flight Calgary’s 26th year, highlighted by our annual trip to Disneyland on Wednesday, November 14 with another 156 very deserving children from Southern Alberta.

The trip is made possible by our generous sponsors, hardworking volunteers and many different fundraisers throughout the year. Thank you for your support!

A special thank you to Air Canada for upgrading our aircraft to a 767 this year.
Air Canada donates the use of an aircraft for the Day of Flight. The Air Canada pilots, flight crew and mechanic also donate their services for the day.

The children will be arriving at the airport at 4:30AM.
The plane leaves for LAX at 6:00AM MST and arrives at LAX shortly after 8:00AM PST.
A number of volunteers will be at LAX airport to meet the plane.
All of the volunteers, children, media & a special guest board tour buses to go to Anaheim.
The buses arrive at Disneyland before 10:00AM.
The children spend the day at Disneyland in groups of 6 children.
At the end of the day everyone boards the tour buses for the return trip to LAX.
Upon arrival at LAX, the group that came down on the aircraft re-board the plane for the flight home.
The plane arrives back at YYC before 1:00AM MST.

The special guest joining us on our trip this year is professional chuckwagon driver Mark Sutherland.



Mark Sutherland