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BTBJ Volunteer Opportunities


If you are currently a volunteer with Dreams Take Flight and are interested in volunteering for our Black Tie & Blue Jeans event, come to the Annual General Meeting and the BTBJ Volunteer Information Meeting in the spring to learn about our plans for the event this year and have the opportunity to add your name to the volunteer lists for the various positions that volunteers are required. Positions for activities that take place:

  • Before the event date
  • The day of the event
  • The night of the event
  • Clean up after the event
  • Post-event

If you missed out in attending the volunteer meeting to sign up for activities, please contact Lisa Allan; our Volunteer Coordinator.

All volunteers will be advised by email for the position(s) that they have been assigned to.

Pre-Event Activities

There are committees set up to handle all of the pre-event planning & preparation for Black Tie & Blue Jeans. There could be opportunties to work on one of the committees:

  • Sponsorship
  • D├ęcor
  • Silent Auction
    • Donation Acquisition
    • Donation Pick Up
    • Receiving – Packaging – Processing
  • Set Up – Tear Down

There could be email requests sent out to all active volunteers earlier in the year to help out a committee. These requests will be coordinated through Lisa Allan (our Volunteer Coordinator).

Day of Event Activities

On the day of the event, and possibly the day before:

  • Everything required to set up for the event must be moved onto location.
  • The ballroom needs to be set up.
  • The auction room needs to be set up.
  • The marquee area needs to be set up.
  • Raffle area needs to be set up
  • Bucket draw needs to be set up
  • Photo corner needs to be set up
  • The network, ipads, computers & printers need to be set up and tested.
  • The auction items need to be photographed – to be made available to the donors.
Night of Event Activities

It will take a minimum of 90 volunteers to help ensure that the gala event runs smoothly so that all of our guests can have a first class evening.

All volunteers are expected to show up a minimum of 2 hours prior to when they are scheduled. They will be required to sign in at the registration desk, where they will be given a lanyard that signifies that they are a volunteer and the areas that you have access to during the event. They will be given instructions on where they are expected to be, at what time and what they are expected to do. If they have the opportunity before their scheduled time, volunteers can get something to eat and drink in the Volunteer Room.

All volunteers will be given at least one break, where they will have the opportunity to get food and beverages in the Voluneers Room.

Not sure what you are doing, where you are supposed to be or when you are expected to do something: see Lisa Allan (Volunteer Coordinator). Lisa can usually be found in the foyer near the escalators on the ballroom level overseeing everything. If she is not there, she is dealing with something already and will be back in that area when she is available again.

Clean Up Activities

After the event is over and while people are still paying for & collecting their auction items, the clean up process begins.

  • Clean up the Volunteer Room. Deal with the leftover food and make Dreams’ merchandise ready for removal
  • Collect decorations and package for removal & storage.
  • Collect photo props & make ready for removal
  • Collect electronics & make ready for removal
    • Staples products (modems, computers, printers, ipads)
    • Charging stations
    • Additional modems
  • Collect donor products & make ready for returning to donor (eg. Mannequins, displays, etc.)
  • Collect auction items not picked up at the end of the night & make ready for removal
  • Move items for BTBJ Storage to vans
  • Move left over auction item bins to vans for return to Drop Off location
  • Move Staples products to volunteer vehicles for return
  • Move charging stations to volunteer vehicles for return
  • Move donor props to volunteer vehicles for return
Post-Event Activities

Starting the day after the event, products collected for the donors or suppliers can be returned.

The left over auction items have to be processed out of the Drop Off location:

  • Sort out the items that were never bid on
  • Print off winning bidder sheets from ClickBid
  • Sort the remainder of the items by winning bidder
  • For items paid for, but not collected, make arrangements to have iems delivered to winning bidder
  • For items not paid for:
    • Phone unpaid bidders to confirm their winning bids & collect payment
    • Update ClickBid with payment information (if thet did not pay using ClickBid)
    • Make arrangements for drivers to deliver paid for auction items to winning bidders
    • Get empty bins back to Dreams storage
  • Prepare inventory list of leftover donations & submit list to BTBJ Committee



Event Tickets
Stephanie Collins | 403.827.3057

Raffle Tickets
Heather Clifford

Barry Watts | 403.254.0534

Chris Dingle | 403.651.2156

Sponsorship Opportunities
Mark Nichols | 403.463.0033

Julien DeSchutter| 403.471.6954

Rick Clost | 403.256.8506

Volunteer Opportunities
Lisa Allan (Volunteer Coordinator)