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Day of Flight Update

Thank you to all our 300 volunteers plus all our sponsors and other supporters.
On Wednesday, October 25th, we took 150 amazing children on an adventure of a lifetime to the happiest place on earth – Disneyland.   The day went extremely well.  

After 25 years we are a well oiled machine!  The logistics of negotiating the new park security arrangements went pretty well, and the addition of shopping in Downtown Disney was a big hit.   It was really hot but we did a pretty good job of hydrating and cooling the kids in the air conditioning and had about an average amount of calls to the docs.  

Our social media team rocked it!  At one point we we were trending on Twitter! 

It takes hundreds of people thousands of volunteer hours to make this the best day ever for our Dream Kids!  Thank you all for your awesome work.  

Jan, Neil, Lisa, Julien
Dreams Take Flight Executive